How To Become God’s Masterpiece

Have you experienced a time in your life in where you wish you can just easily get rid of all your flaws and imperfections in life? Short-temper, laziness, pride, fear and the list goes on. No matter how hard you try to get in the right path, you just end up failing and eve sometimes hurting those people whom you love.

But have you ever tried getting rid of the dead weight in your life through God’s chisel? Imagine yourself as a piece of wood and God as the carve master. He holds the chisel and in every imperfection, He cuts through it to remove it. And once He is done chiseling, you now turn into a perfectly chiseled masterpiece.

Sometimes in life, we need God’s chiseling. It’s not easy but it’s worth. Watch the skit below and learn more about going through the chisel of God.

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