Winner of a Dating TV Show Talks About Sex Before Marriage

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Angela Zatopek was the winner of the NBC reality TV show, Ready for Love. The reality show was about professional matchmakers helping three bachelors to choose from 36 women their soulmate. The winners and the bachelors were then sent to a magical fantasy vacation with them.

Angela made a big controversy as she was the only virgin among the pool of 36 women on the show. But she made a history for being the first virgin who won the affections of a bachelor. Truly, preserving your purity before marriage is a covenant with God.

“I just truly believe that through waiting and preserving that for marriage and for your husband, God will just bless you. I just think it’s an awesome testimony to be able to stand there on the day that you say “I do” and to be able to say, “Baby, I waited for you! I told all those other guys no.”

Source: Waiting Till Marriage

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